September 27, 2017

Today was a looooong drive from Fes to the Sahara just outside of the city of Merzouga. A friend of a friend runs the Sahara Garden. Brahim coordinated everything for us and welcomed us upon our arrival with open arms. Truly an amazing human being. We were welcomed with dinner and singing and dancing around a bonfire.

Our first day at the edge of the Sahara was spent on a jeep tour around the area. 

Our second day, in the late afternoon, we set out on camels into the desert to spend the night in tents in the depths of the Sahara.

Our last day we hung out by the pool and in the afternoon walked out to the dunes to relax and just people watch.


As we hung out on the dunes as the sun began to move toward the horizon, a large group of day trippers arrived for a camel ride up the dunes. Most of them were Chinese tourists, who always make for good people watching.