September 11 - 15, 2017

Enroute to our close friends' wedding in Greece we found a cheap flight to Paris via Reykjavik, Iceland and decided to take advantage and do a little stopover in an effort to (fingers crossed) see the northern lights. We decided to restrict our few days to just the southern highlights along the coast. The first thing we noticed was that even though it was supposedly shoulder/low season in Iceland there were significantly more people than when we came the year before in August.

On our first night we got lucky and the aurora showed itself right outside where we were staying. Yes, these are long exposure photos, but we were able to see it with our own eyes which was pretty darn awesome. 

Over the next few days we revisited some of the highlights we had been to before and just took it easy. 

On our last day we realized that we couldn't spend the night at our hotel b/c the drive was too long to get to the airport so we stayed up all night and went in search for the aurora again and camped out at one of the major waterfalls.