day one hundred and three: january 10, 2016: puerto princesa to davao/samal island

We said goodbye to Erwin in Manila and made our way south to Davao. We didn't know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at a private resort on Samal Island, called Samal Shores, owned by my dad's friend. To make things even better, we were the only guests for the next three days...AMAZING! Samal Island is just a short 3 minute boat ride from Davao but still a nice getaway from the mini bustling city. 

day one hundred and four: january 11, 2016: passport and samal shores

Jamie, Jonathan, and I spent most of our morning at the Bureau of Immigration office to apply for a visa extension. Our tourist visa was only valid for 30 days and we would be in the Philippines for 34 days. We paid about $60 for the extension that would allow us to be here another 30 days. The process was pretty painlesss, aside from the hour+ wait just to get a sticker in our passport and a signature.

We headed back to Samal Shores and then jumped on the resort's boat to play on the see-do and banana boats. Even my dad got on the sea-do! We were all super impressed! Jamie and I went together and I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time...every time I tried to breathe we would bounce and get tossed in the air a bit. So much fun!

day one hundred and five: january 12, 2016: samal shores

Since it was Marc's last day with us, we decided to hang out at the resort until we had to take him to the airport. We did a little bit of souvenir shopping and then headed back to Samal Shores to enjoy our last night there.