November 1, 2016

We made a quick pit-stop in Kyoto hoping to see more fall colors. Although we were a little early, we definitely got to see some of the leaves beginning to change and of course, fill our bellies with more yummy food!

It looks complex, but once you figure it out....the Japanese Rail System is the best and gets you from point A to point B with so much efficiency. LA and SF have so much to learn! 

These smiling faces are watching Jonathan walk by -- it's always so fun to be walking behind him to catch everyone's reaction. Hajime calls it, "Surprise and delight".

We snapped a photo of this mother and daughter as we were walking around the temple. Later we posted a photo on Instagram and got a message from my cousin saying, "This might be my friend and her daughter! She posted the same picture on Facebook this morning!". Sure enough, through a little investigation, we found out that the lady in the photo and my cousin used to work in Qatar together. Such a small world!

We clearly couldn't get enough of the yellows, greens, reds, and oranges we saw in Kyoto!