days one hundred and seventy thru one hundred and eighty-one: march 7, 2016 thru march 18, 2016

We can't do a post about Raja Ampat without some video of the incredible world beneath the surface. Enjoy the videos! Photos provided by Gian Paolo, the owner of the Samambaia.

For our last dive, we decided to do a bit of exploring and dove a site that the team hadn't previously done before and they said if it was a good one, we got to name it. It was beyond good! In the first 5 minutes of our dive, we saw a turtle and a couple of mantas. Over the course of the dive, we saw 10+ turtles, more mantas, tons of fish, a black tipped reef shark, blue spotted rays, bumphead parrot fishes.....so much stuff! Jonathan and I decided to name it "Superrr Bagus". Bagus in Bhasa means "good" or "nice". Annd, we made a condition that Samambaia could only take guests there, if they were cool. ;)

Can't wait to get in the water again soon!