day one hundred and fifty-eight: march 4, 2016

After hearing about Gardens by the Bay, we decided that it was the one attraction that we had to see in Singapore. Separate from the main gardens, there are two enclosed domes that you can buy tickets to enter. The first is the Flower Dome, which is the largest glass greenhouse in the world and houses plants from around the world. And most importantly, it's air conditioned!

The second dome is the Cloud Forest Dome, which is more focused on plant life from the tropical highlands.

Our final stop in Gardens by the Bay was the Supertree Grove, which measure between 25 and 50 meters in height and are designed to provide shade during the day and come alive with lights and sound at night. Over 162,000 plants comprising over 200 species are planted on the Supertrees.

Ooof, I know that was a lot of flowers to go through -- but they were all just so beautiful!