days two hundred and eight thru two hundred and eleven: april 14, 2016 thru april 17, 2016

After landing back in Osaka from Seoul, we boarded the train and headed north for our full day of travel to get to Lake Kawaguchiko. Our timing couldn't have been more perfect. Our AirBnB host told us that it had rained all morning and it had just cleared up within the hour before our arrival. We rode the express train, which we were pleasantly surprised with since it was a Fujisan themed train.

Jonathan had booked a paragliding session pending weather conditions. The paragliding company emailed us that morning informing us that it was looking to be too windy to fly so we adjusted our plans and headed to Chuerito Temple a few train stops away. This actually ended up working out perfectly because it was a crisp clear day perfect for enjoying the temple perched up on the hill overlooking Fujisan (Mt. Fuji).

Jonathan was determined to get the photos above with no people present, but take a few steps back and you can see the masses of people all crowded around to get this iconic shot of the pagoda with Fujisan in the background.

Further down on the temple grounds we were able to take a break and enjoy the view while nibbling on some snacks from the local 7-11.

Upon our return to Kawaguchiko station, I simply couldn't resist taking a photo with this Hello Kitty sign.

We ended up spending the afternoon walking around part of the lake and taking a cruise around to enjoy Mt. Fuji on this beautiful day.