I decided to end the season with a bang the last time we were in Whistler. What’s bigger than heli-skiing? Heli-skiing in Alaska I guess? So I did some brief research and hit up my brother to see if he could get the time off and went ahead and booked it. Neither of us knew quite what to expect, with the only glimpses of Alaska being in ski movies we’d seen. Needless to say, the trip was well worth it and the skiing was some of the best we’d had all season, a perfect way to end the longest season I’ve ever skied.

My 101st day was by far the best day, with steeper pitches and longer runs. But it wasn’t just the skiing that was incredible, flying around in a heli over endless mountains, glaciers, crevasses, and the like, and seeing and walking around on a glacier first-hand all made the experience.

We ended up skiing with Majestic Heli Ski, which is setup about 2 hours outside of Anchorage with 1M acres of accessible terrain. The first day we did a first descent, which was cool to think that no one else had ever skied that run before. If you’re considering going, I would highly recommend the lodge we went with. I can say with pretty good certainty that we will be back to Majestic some time in the future. This heli trip has easily ruined resort skiing for me.

- Jonathan