Never been here before, surprise surprise…

We weren’t exactly sure where to camp, thankfully our friend Katrina mentioned the possibility of dispersed camping in Los Padres National Forest just off Highway 1. Well…it's not really just off the highway…we ended about 5 miles up Plaskett Ridge Road. Definitely worth the bumpy adventure up the single lane dirt road.

Once you get above the tree line the view is simply incredible. We found a place to camp about an hour before sunset and were able to see the cloud cover and fog move in just before sunset. It felt like we were in a plane above the clouds. Just amazing.

We woke up the next morning to the sunrise out the other side of our tent. This is a definite must revisit with friends the next go around. It was like we were at the edge of the world.

The next morning we stopped by Keyhole Arch at Pfieffer Beach. Originally we were going to watch the sunset there. So glad Katrina told us about the dispersed camping!

- Jonathan