Every morning we wake up bright and early to the announcement of “HOTTTT COFFEEEEE” at around 6AM. Breakfast shortly follows and we’re packed up and on the river by 8AM. The toilet (only used for #2 in the morning and at night) is named Oscar after someone who was apparently annoying enough to have the shitter named after them. As Jeff, our lead guide said, “there’s one in every group, so look around and if you don’t see them it might just be you.”

Today we visited some ancient Puebloan granaries high above the river above Nankoweap camp estimated to date back to AD 1100, that’s pretty old. These granaries were constructed to protect food from rodents and to preserve corn and seeds for long periods of time. The climb up wasn’t easy, so I’m sure it must have been even more difficult back when these were created. I’m still convinced that people long ago were much smarter than we are today, or at least when it came to survival.

Tonight we camp at Lava Canyon around mile 66.

- Allie and Jonathan