Deeper into the Granite Gorge, Day 7 was filled with rapids from Mile 95 thru 109. Vishnu Schist, millions of years old, formed by high pressure and heat invade the canyon walls. This area of the canyon differs dramatically from the upper canyon’s clear layers, almost feels like we’re somewhere in middle earth in Lord of the Rings. When we woke up in the morning the color of the river was a deep reddish brown, likely from all the flash flooding of the side canyons and streams pushing more debris and sediment into the Colorado River. This video is of Granite Rapid, rated a 7-8 and dropping 18 feet in total, the first rapid of the day. Today we cruised thru Granite (7-8), Hermit (7-8), Boucher (4-5), Crystal (7-10), Tuna Creek (5-7), Lower Tuna (4), Sapphire (6), Turquoise (2-4), 104 Mile (5), Ruby (4-5), Serpentine (6) and Bass (3) before setting up camp at Bass. Lucky for us it was a hot day and being wet was a welcome feeling to cool us down in the heat.

- Allie and Jonathan