The day hike today was to Deer Creek Falls and up Deer Creek to The Patio. What an incredible hike, scrambling up a steep trail to edging along a narrow trail hundreds of feet above a slot canyon with a running creek. Not advisable for those fearful of heights. The destination, The Patio, is worth it though, the slot canyon opens up into an area with large flat areas to relax under the shade of the canyon walls and cottonwood trees. Small pools and waterfalls surround the area. A longer hike takes up further up the side canyon to the origin of the creek, an opening in the redwall with a small waterfall. At the bottom of the hike, right next to the Colorado River is the the massive Deer Creek Falls, much too high to stand directly under without getting crushed, but the blast of air and mist feels amazing after a long hike. We pulled into camp in the mid afternoon at Olo around mile 146.

- Allie and Jonathan