Less than 24 hours back in the Bay Area, we jumped on a plane to Asia where we would start our three week adventure that would take us to Shanghai, Tokyo, Niseko, and Sapporo.

First stop – Shanghai. Our best friends, Hajime and Maily, moved here just under a year ago and we were really excited to visit them in their new city. Our other best friends from Chicago, Justin and Kelly, came out too!

In the 72 hours we were there, Hajime and Maily took us to their favorite places to eat and hang out. If you ever find yourself in Shanghai, you MUST have the egg custard tarts at Lilian’s Bakery. They are THE BEST.

We lucked out with good weather(ish) so we got some really good views of the Shanghai skyline from the Bund. We met this older guy who took a liking to Jonathan and started taking pictures of us (pics 6, 8, 9 , and 10) on his camera that had this crazy lens that was probably like a foot long. He didn’t speak a word of English but we exchanged info with him and he sent our pics to us later that night.

It was so fun to have everyone together! Simply put … great friends always lead to amazing times.

- Allie