day one hundred and twenty-eight: february 4, 2016: an experience in culture

After a somber day at the genocide museum and the killing fields, we decided to go see a cultural dance performance at the National Museum. The show was put on by Cambodian Living Arts, a non-profit created to facilitate the transformation of Cambodia through the arts. With the devastation caused by the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s, many of the Master Artists were killed. Arn Chorn-Pong, the founder of Cambodian Living Arts, a musician and a survivor of that period, set out to find as many Master Artists as he could to help bring the arts back to life. We enjoyed a great show and would encourage anyone visiting Phnom Penh to take some time and catch their performance. Not only was it well done, but we could tell that the performers really enjoyed what they do. And we still can't figure out how they can make their hands bend backwards like that.