day one hundred and twenty-nine: february 5, 2016: a lazy day in phnom penh

We woke up on the later side, had a casual breakfast and then took a tuk tuk to the National Museum. After an hour or so touring the museum and admiring its amazing collection, we walked to Romdeng, a restaurant associated with the well known restaurant Friends. Both restaurants employ and train troubled youths to give them steady jobs and keep them off the streets and out of trouble. The food was probably the best food we had during our time in Cambodia. 

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to relax a little bit more. I swam some laps to prepare for my 200 meter swim for my SCUBA certification (eeek!), which is coming up quickly! Around 445 PM we headed to the Royal Palace to watch the sunset. We took a timelapse over the next hour and a half as the sun sent behind the front of the palace and enjoyed people watching in the square.

There were tons of pigeons in the square. Thankfully, none of them dropped any bombs on us. Every once in a while the entire flock of pigeons would take off together and circle around the palace entrance before settling back down. With so many pigeons, it was actually beautiful to watch. Yea, pigeon and beautiful in the same sentence. Weird, I know. The timelapse caught a glimpse of one of these moments.

The timelapse also caught some interesting people passing in front of the camera. Lots of street vendors, monks, and tourists.