day one hundred and ninety-five: april 1, 2016

We spent a night in Hakone at a really great AirBnB that was in a remote area of Hakone, but unfortunately the weather wasn't great and we couldn't see Mount Fiji, so we only have one  photo from that day.

days one hundred and ninety-six thru one hundred and ninety-eight: april 2, 2016 thru april 4, 2016

After saying our goodbyes, we boarded a train back south in pursuit of sakura in full bloom. First stop, Nagoya. Wow, what a difference a few days makes. Our two days in Nagoya were quite something with the sakura in full bloom. After a full day of cruising around the city, we were lucky enough to meet up with another group of friends visiting Japan. Our friend Fion and her husband Marcel stopped thru Nagoya to have a quick dinner with us and catch up before to Kyoto. 

Later that evening we headed to one of Nagoya's main parks where the sakura were supposed to be illuminated. That's not the only thing we found in the park. Tons of locals were out enjoying the sakura and there were food stalls and live music. It was quite a celebration!

The next morning we continued to explore Nagoya and took our time and enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery with the locals.

Hope you're not tired of sakura yet...because there are a lot more pictures coming! :)