days one hundred and ninety-three thru one hundred and ninety-four: march 30, 2016 thru march 31, 2016

Next stop, back to Osaka in search of more cherry blossoms. In just the few days since we landed in Japan, the sakura blossoms were already more mature, beginning to bloom and the locals were already out enjoying the beautiful scenery, weather, and picnicking under the blossoms which they call hanami .

In Hong Kong, Jonathan's cousin Stef gifted us a fish-eye lens for our iPhones so we decided to have a little fun while at Osaka Castle.

That evening, we headed to the main shopping area of Osaka in pursuit of good food and drink.

The following morning we headed to Endo Sushi down near the fish market of Osaka based on a recommendation from Jonathan's friend Chester. Not only was it delicious, but the prices were very reasonable as well. We each ended up having two set plates of sushi each. After, we headed to cruise a few more shrines.

We ended our day at the Umeda Sky Building, the tallest building in the city, and enjoyed the sunset high above Osaka. 

Off to Hakone tomorrow -- cross your fingers that Mt. Fuji decides to come out and play!