October 3, 2017

Sad to say that we didn't really take any photos in Essaouira. We did meet some incredible people who hosted us at Ryad Watier. Essaouira is a small beach side city that has a feel unlike any of the other cities in Morocco that we visited. We found it much more relaxing and less vendors in your face and people trying to sell you things. Upon arrival we met Jean-Gabriel and Hayat who run the riad. JG is a very talkative guy from France and extremely friendly. From the moment we met him we felt like we had known him for quite some time. Hayat basically runs the riad and she was also very helpful and friendly. We shared stories throughout our stay with both of them and definitely wished our stay was longer.

This little beach town is worth the stop. Sorry for having no photos. There are some places we've been where we just don't feel like taking any more photos. Everything is left to our memories after the fact and that's just fine sometimes.