October 1, 2017

After a long drive, we arrived in Marrakech, definitely not a small city. We booked to stay at La Source Du Desert and upon checkin discovered that we were the only people staying there for the two nights we were there. Lucky us, we had the entire Riad to ourselves including the rooftop pool.

Our first evening we went to the main square and hung out at one of the cafes overlooking the main square and people watched while drinking mint tea. We were able to spot all the typical vendors we had read about to watch out for including the snake charmers, the guys with pet monkeys amongst others.

On a recommendation from a friend we went to check out the restaurant Nomad, but unfortunately we didn't have reservations. We went ahead and made reservations for the next night and the hostess let us know they had a different restaurant called Le Jardin in another area of the medina. Of course it was a different menu, but we were not disappointed. In fact we were so impressed that for lunch the following day after our tour of the medina, we ate at their cafe Cafe des Espices. If you're in Marrakech try all three, it was worth it.

Anywho, we coordinated a tour guide thru the riad and he was awesome. Unfortunately we did not get his contact information, but he was very knowledgable and didn't have us waste any time in places he didn't think were worth our time, took us to some secret places and also once we told him what we were looking for shopping wise he took us straight to the best place and he was seriously no bullshit. Anyways, we had a great time with him.