We heard from our friend Blake that a group of young entrepreneurs had purchased a ski resort in Northern Utah a few years back with a dream to create their “perfect” town to foster new ideas and the sharing of knowledge. Since we were in the area, we decided to check it out. About an hour and a half north of Salt Lake City, just outside the small town of Eden, UT, is Powder Mountain.

Not a lot of people make it up there to ski as the road is steep, windy and icy after storms. But for those who do make it, the largest lift accessible ski area in North America awaits, although much of that requires hiking or skinning. It hadn’t snowed in a week or so when we arrived, but we were setup with a local who gave us a great mountain tour and found some good stashes of snow.

Our second day, we enjoyed some great cruisers on freshly groomed slopes. On our way out, we checked out some awesome land art; a giant paper airplane sculpture. We also got the opportunity to meet some of the founders of Summit, the company that purchased the mountain. Needless to say, their plans are incredible and we look forward to the town they’re in the process of building.

Very exciting things to come from those guys and their team!

- Jonathan