On our third day, we headed out to the Snowbird Resort, which is about a 45 minute drive outside of Park City. It’s more of a local mountain, so we were looking forward to less crowds and different terrain – and it’s EXACTLY what we got. I fell in love with the mountain within the first two runs that we did….beautiful scenery, wide runs, varying pitches….and very few people. It’s like we had the whole mountain to ourselves. And to top it off, it was a gorgeous day so I feel like everyone’s spirits were up.

Now, the next day at Snowbird was a completely different story. There were signs at the ticket office that said it was windy and there would be no refunds but of course, we still got tickets. Since the tram to the top of the mountain was closed, we got on the Peruvian Express….and it was super windy and visibility was horrible. The wind was blowing pretty hard and spiraling loose snow into the air. I only did a couple runs and decided that I would quit early while the others braved the snow and skied for a couple more hours. Jason described one of their runs as follows, “Imagine a really steep run…with your eyes covered and snow being thrown at you.” Yikes!! 

It’s so crazy to see how much the weather can change day to day and what it does to the mountains.

No matter what…I still love Snowbird and look forward to coming back in March!

- Allie